Thursday, January 06, 2011

And no more shall we part.

I had the best New Years' party that I could imagine with my friends... if only Rose and Jairo had been here...

We started at my home. Esther, Kim and I. And then, we took the tube, trying to get into the Agbar tower. but the train stopped near Plaza Catalunya, so we received the New Year there.


And after that... dance, dance, dance... during all night, with the best people from Barcelona I've ever met...


And sunrise came, and we all were angels with dirty faces in the morning...

I've been working so hard since that day, that's why I didn't updated with this before... but you know, sales are coming... and as I work in a shop, we had to prepared them!! Now, everything's ready, and I hope I could post as always... thanks for being there and be so patient!


  1. I thought you would pop in for a drink, but I am sooooooooooo glad that you had a super time.
    All the best for the new year20011.

  2. Tía, te eché millones de menos en fin de año. Te mandé un sms pero no te llegó, por lo que veo, maldito móvil que no me furula correctamente!!!

    Ibas guapísima!!! Y se ve que te lo pasaste genial =)

    Que este año entre con buen pie y salud y fortuna para ti!!! =)


  3. Qué disfraces más molones, chulos y bien hechos!
    Feliz año!

  4. Qué geniales tus pestañas blancas!!! (L)

    P/d: He cambiado de dirección web (no de blog, je), la nueva url es:

  5. mon dieu mon dieu! oh la la!!! :D

    Ya te lo he dicho pero... Ainnxx mariposas en tu pelo... Me tienen enganchada

  6. cuanto color!!!
    me encantan las pestañas y como se maquilló Laia, ibais geniales <3!

  7. La mejor fiesta de fin de año que he tenido nunca.

  8. Me encanta como ibais y esas pestañas molan mil. Feliz Año :)

  9. Love the eyelashes, you look so pretty!

    Carmen Ri.

  10. Si, probablemente lo sea


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