Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elvis was there...

As I told you on my last post, I had a party with lots of celebrities last weekend... here you've got the pictures...

 Manson (Debora) and Dita (Esther)
 Sid Vicious (Lourdes)
 Elvis (Micky)
 Agnetha Fätskog from Abba (Laia)
 River Cuomo from Weezer (Dani)
... and David Bowie ;)

We had dinner, some drinks, played some games, changed our costumes, and lot of more things... this time, Keith Richards couldn't come, but I'm sure he would next time!

And on sunday, Micky and I went to Big J's for a delicious lunch! Mozzafingers and a burger with milkshakes! Yummy!


  1. Looks like a frickin fantastic night! I want that Elvis Christ so bad. Sarah xxx

  2. Madre de dios, no se puede dudar que os lo montais de lujisimo siempre, ¿eh?

    Por cierto, la hamburgueseria esa me llama un montón tendre que pasarme un día a ponerme morada

  3. uuy que valor la de manson XD bueno acá no veríamos bien un disfraz asi ajaja pero quedó bien :) todos salen geniales!!
    Que ricooo milkshake!!


  4. Que geniales estais todos!!! me encanta la Manson!!!!

  5. it looks like a great party ^6 i cant wait until im old enough to party ;)

  6. Great looks!!! I bet you had fun posing as all those celebrities. And that burger really looks yummy!!! I love it. But I like mine with chicken fingers or nuggets, better.

  7. The ABBA costume is killing me. GREAT. JOB. Oh man. So cool.

  8. so mad&funny party!!
    desde luego, vosotros sí que sabéis montar fiestas temáticas!, cuánto talento!!
    besos & arte!

  9. Mr. Richards estará sí o sí en la próxima, siempre y cuando no haya un cocotero cerca.


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