Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fainting Spells

Hi there everyone!

Today I went to a vintage and second hand market called After Tea Party, it was the first time that it was released, but it was ok, although I didn't bought anything... but I receive a gift!


Well, I must say that I receive two gifts today: the first one was this:

I saw my beloved Nati! She's been living for a while in Bonn (Germany) and tomorrow she's coming back there, but on March she would be here again at Barcelona.
My second gift was a present from Nati, these gorgeous red leather gloves... with a big ribbon!


But this wasn't the only gift I received this week... on Thursday, I went to Phenomena's session (I'll show you what's this later) and Micky bought me these pair of shoes, from H&M Divided... they're horribles and great at the smae time!

And this is how I looked today; as you can see these days I'm dressing like if I was going to a rave party... well, I don't know why!
T-shirt - Junko Mizuno for Kidsrobot.
Skirt - Ben Sherman
Tights - Offbrand
Boots - Cache Cache
Jacket - H&M
Skull Butterfly - Handmade

Was your weekend good?


  1. OMG me han encantado tus zapatos horribles pero divinos a la vez!! ES como super nowo czasnik!!
    Y de ravera?? Oye, pues muy mona que vas, jamía.
    Ay, no sabes cuánto me estoy acordando de ti estas rebajas, tía... No encuentro nada!!! (también es que no hay nada...).



  2. me encanta el estilo de las botitas con la mini y camiseta, es un clásico!
    Y tus zapatos nuevos son impactantes!
    siempre encantada de leerte!

  3. Ooh - those cupcakes look delicious and the polka dot Chucks are very cute and the market looks fun but... your gloves!!! And shoes!! They are FABULOUS! Supercute and if I had them I would wear them every single day.

    Sarah xxx

  4. Qué chulos los guantes! Son un puntazo



  5. que casualidad ayer estuve pensando en comprarme esos mismos guantes XD!!!!
    estas divina chica :3!!!

  6. A mi no me parecen horribles, ¿tendré un problema? Por cierto te veo muy mona ultimamente :)

  7. The gloves are so amazing. I have a pair of red leather gloves too , but this is definitely a step up! :)

  8. demasiadas cosas bonitas, empezando por ti y Nati :3!!
    Juuu que ganas de que vuelva esta moza definitivamente, que mala y que egoísta soy, :') pero es que si no... me tiene huerfanilla

    y a mi los zapaticos me gustan xD

  9. No me enteré de que había un market!
    Bueno, tampoco podría haber ido..xD
    Aiins, he visto cosas bonitas en las fotos Ò_ó!

  10. love those red gloves, they look somehow very Karen O! you're so sweet!


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