Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There was so much cuteness around me last weekend (part I)

Finally the manga convention was last weekend... and I'm almost dead!! Yes, dead! I've been leaving the blog and everything just for work during the last four days... but it worth it!! What a great weekend, people!!

So, let me show you in pictures how my weekend was...

Our stand was really cute and full of gorgeous things!! My bunnies and Carol's cupcakes were there, of course!

Marcos and Xavi were there too... and you can see how beautiful were my mates even with stolen pictures!

On friday night we had a birthday party; it was Eric's birthday and we had lots of fun... and a great cacke!

On saturday the day was so crazy that I couldn't take almost any picture during the day except the one of my belove Ariel with her Eric... that was an awesome costume!

And by night, almost all the stuff had dinner together in a chinese restaurant!

 Ariel and Eric, wow!
 Carol, Cristina and Nadal.
 Fidel David, so sexy here, haha!
Vane and me.
Vane and me again, doing the dumb, of course!

By the way, on friday I was on the news! Yes! If you click here and go to part 4, minute 6... you can see me n the video talking about lolita fashion!

And here you've got a few more pictures stolen from my friend's facebooks!

 Vane, Carol and me.
Carol and me!
 With Ashin!
All together, on saturday. 
And all the team again after dinner!

Oh, God; I'm so tired... but you've got so much to see here! Tomorrow, more pictures and our Halloween's Night!

Thanks for being there... yes, finally I'm free and I'm back!


  1. WOW!! Looks like a blast!! You and all your friends look fantastic!!

  2. So much fun! I'm envious of all the pretty things you guys have for sale. The necklaces especially.

  3. Se nota que fue un fantástico fin de semana ;) me alegro que te divirtieras!!! adoro todo ese stand, y que guapa con candy *__*

  4. jo, que pena no aver podido ir este año ;o;!
    me hubiese gustado verte de nuevo >3< que siempre que voy para allá no coincidimos nunca! XD
    se ve k lo pasasteis genial, el stand, una monada!! y vosotras estais todass preciosas *O*!♥

  5. ya te echaba de menos, pero me alegra de que te lo hayas estado pasando encantan los vestidos: todossssssssssssss y las fotos. En fin que sigas posteando y no nos dejes tanto tiempooooooooo.
    Mil besos.

  6. *.* Ultra adorablee, me hubiese encantado estar por allí y comprarte un conejito!!!!

  7. ¡Pero como os currais el stand! ¡Madre mía! Seguro que os lo pasasteis genial :D

    Todos los vestidos que se hace mi Ariel (sí, se llama así además :D) son una pasada. Como la echo de menos a mi pequeña, que no la veo desde que fuí su Jareth xD

  8. Que bonitads las fotos,que bonito todo ;.;

    Ya os hecho de menos,coñe!

    PD. mi nombre es ANshin Libe! xDDDD

  9. Que extraño es escuchar a alguien que lees por primera vez jeje Parece que fue un finde intenso...

  10. Qué lástima que no puediera ir al Salón.
    Estube taaaaaan cerquita!!
    Estáis guapísim@s.
    Las fotos lindísimas!

  11. So muhc fun and so muchi cuteness, like you said. Hepo you sold a lot of your cute things. I just love your skirt and Carol's dress in the first pictures. All the other pics are great, too, specially the Ariel and Eric one.

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