Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to Murcia! (part II)

On saturday morning, Star Wars lolis were fighting at Murcia's manga convention... and met some beautiful people that day too!

There was an exposition about dollfies, all so beautiful!

And we played dumb a lot, with Vaini, Inspector Gadget, Jack Sparrow and Ariel...

And we had a pre-yakuza time... (yes, beause on sunday it was the yakuza's day... you'll see in my next entry!).

And after the convention... party around Murcia! it was so funny, we were dressed as Lolitas and everyone was asking themselves why we were like that... such a great saturday!

Doing the loli-geishas with Den, so so hilarious XD
Yaw, I miss them all!!

Sorry for the lack of posts... but I'm a little bit worried about finding a job... tomorrow I've got an interview, wish me luck!!

And thanks for being there, you're so wonderful!!


  1. Espero que te vaya muuy bien en esa entrevista ;)

    Me encanta la primera foto ajaajaj muy buena!


  2. haha estais graciosisimas en todas las fotos ^-^
    que pasada de exposicion de muñecas habia un montón O-O!

  3. Lovely post. Best wishes for tomorrows job interview.
    I hope you go back to posting more, and visit my bloggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggJOKE!!!!HEHEHEHE
    Un abrazo guapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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