Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Murcia! (part III): like cute Yakuzas

So our final day at Murcia arrived, but we spent almost all the day taking silly pictures of us doing the "Yakuza and Yankee style"... so funny!

Seriously, it's been a gorgeous trip, we met lots of great people and had so much fun... I miss everyone there!

Oh God, I'm a little bit stressed about next week. I'm having a photosession with 3 models and I'm still searching for a job... and the damn Christmas are coming!!! Wouldn't anyone give a job for this time of the year??? Argh!!

But today's raining at Barcelona, and you know how much I love rain... so I'm in a good and positive mood anyway ;)!

Have a gorgeous saturday!


  1. Me encantas solete.
    MIl besos y un abrazo fuerte.
    When are you going to pay me a visit???????????????????

  2. guaperrimos!!! que ganas tengo de verte :_S

  3. Fab pix!
    We've had rain too.I like it as long as I don't have to go out in it!!

  4. genial este reportaje murciano, me ha encantado ver toda esa variedad y toda esa diversión!, me alegra ver que sigues en acción!
    Y que tengas mucha suerte!

  5. Las lolitas más chungas del lugar!

  6. Mucha suerte con las entrevistas de trabajo :) Seguro que te pillan de alguno guapi! Esa pastelería pinta genial *¬*


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