Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time left for love (Shout out louds)

Yesterday I discovereda new bunch of stencils near the cafe where we always go. I'm a big fan of this kind of street art, and it's good to discover new things around here!

I should do a guide with all the grafittis I've found around Barcelona, because I'm always taking pictures of the good ones for me... maybe I'm doing it one of these days.

Today it's been rainig almost all day, so I've stayed at home, writting some articles for Miau Magazine and making some accesories. while I was drinking hot tea... I love hot tea when it rains!

And this is what I was wearing yesterday, almost all was vintage:

 Shirt - Vintage
Skirt - vintage
Boots - Aces of London
Orange scarf - Vintage

This orange scarf is really really old, I think it's from the begining of the past century. It was from the grandmother of my uncle's partner... really old!

And one thing more. Now's official, I'm doing some photojournalism for Vice Magazine. Yesterday they published my first picture, you can see it here! I hope they would publish me lots of pictures!!

What are you doing this week? We've got the Shopping Night Out on Thursday!


  1. Me encanta como llevas el pelo en la foto!!! el corte del flequillo te queda precioso!!! guapa que ere lexe!!!

    Los grafittis molan un weeevoo!!!!*___*

  2. I wish there was street art like that in L.A. Pretty much all we have are big ugly grafitti scribbles all over town, but these Barcelona ones are really amazing!

  3. Que chulos esos grafittis

    La Shopping Night... ay madre y yo sin enterarme, si es que no puedo vivir tan recluida en casa, maldita universidad!!!

  4. Que chulos los grafittis!! La verdad es que la calle a veces es un auténtico museo sin tanta tontería de las expos a los que se les sube los aires a la cabeza D-: !!

    Llevo el flequillo igual que tu ^^ Me encanta

  5. I am so glad about your photos. You have an eye for creative fashion.
    MIS PAPELICOS has been featured in December month of VOGUE Turkey. How cool is that??????????????? I am feeling like a little girl on Cxmas day.

  6. Me gustaría ver esa recopilación de 'street art' de Barcelona, muy interesante!
    Y me gusta mucho tu pañuelo naranja, mucho más si es antigüito de verdad!, más personal!
    Muy bonitas fotos, además.
    besos y suerte

  7. Graffiti and yummy food. This was a good post.

  8. Libeeeeertaaddddd
    Aquí en Murcia no hay graffitis de esos :S solo hay firmas cutres de grafiteros amateur que van conmigo a clase xD
    Peero estas navidades llamaré a Merka y haremos una plantilla del conejo Frank y la pintaremos por toda Murcia...
    Bueno nena, que vas monísima siempre, un besoooooooooooo

  9. qué guapa!! esa camisa estilín a lo mormona, como chloé sevigny en big love.



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