Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whe I wanted to be like Marianne Faithfull

Hi there everyone!

Today we made the photoshoot and I think that the editorial it's gonna be good... but I'll talk about it better really soon.
I'm so tired today, so I only had read your lovely comments (thak you! tomorrow I'll answer all of them, promise ;)! ) and listened to old Marianne Faithfull songs.

Whe I was about 16 years old I just wanted to be like her. And I don't know why... I mean, I was so involved with punk music in that time... but I loved her so much, and she was one of my icons for sure, specially during her 60s career.


I used to sing As Tears Go By everytime I broke a heart or my heart was broken; this is something that only a few people knew before I told you here, it's funny... because I'm sure that my mother doesn't know this!

Did you had a secret idol when you were young? An idol that only you and a few people knew about it?


I could love Joan Baez (my mother used to listen to her so much); or maybe another one... but I fell in love with her and her voice.

That time was a good time... when I wanted to be like Marianne Faithfull.

Btw, today's my mum's birthday... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUM! I love you!


  1. Tendré que escuchar algo de esta chica, la verdad es que estéticamente hablando, es preciosa.

    Parece que estamos en las épocas de los cumples de las mamás! Laia ha dicho lo mismo en su última publicación, jaja. :)

  2. She was quite talented and beautiful!

  3. que adorabilidad de mujer, si esa palabra existe (creo que nop xD) me he enamorado mucho del maquillaje de la segunda foto, será el tono de piel y todo, pero es precioso *.*

  4. oh wow! she's amazing! so feminine...thank you for sharing!
    please check out my new blog on street fashion and people

  5. Me encanta Marianne Faithful!Ella es guapisima y sus estilismos siempre me han encantado, ademas de que tiene unas canciones preciosas.Mi favorita es "As Tears go by".Es maravillosa!


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