Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Dina Händer (in your hands)

Today it's cold, and I'm staying at home doing some handcrafts while I'm drinking some hot cinammon tea... but I want to show you some pictures from a couple of weeks ago.

It was Laia Chic's birthday, and we were having a Naïve party at her home. There was lots of yummy food and lovely people there.
 Laia Chic
Laia, really cute!
Jana, always so funny. I really adore her ♥
Tea time!

There were so much delicious food: sandwiches, pancakes, lovely teas, chocolate muffins... ♥ all made with lots of love! And we spent the evenign talking and giving Laia her presents!


I must say that I love birthday parties, but I don't like to celebrate my birthday. I'm doing a party this year, but the truth is that I'm not so happy about it... but well, I'll take it as another theme party of us and that's all. 

Sweater - Vintage
Skirt - Zara
Tights - Topshop

I've been rencetly listening to Hola a Todo el Mundo, a spanish band from Madrid that sings in english. I think they're pretty good, and their sound it's so different from the music that usually is made here in Spain. A little bit between Arcade Fire and First Aid Kid, if you ask me.

And another artist I've been listening during the past weeks is Pontus de Wolfe, Elsa's husband. I didn't know about his music until Elsa posted about it in her blog... and now, I'm in love with his music and his soft voice. Check his website for some cute songs, I really recomend it to you. I Dina Händer is my favourite one, I can't stop listening to it.

It's half past six in the vening and now everything it's dark outside... how much I love winter...!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday.


  1. Well, I am so glad that somebody love the cosyness of autumn and winter months.
    I am so glad to see how you enjoy yourself. That is what life is all about.
    Un abrazo my dearest.

  2. What cute outfits (and cute food!). I'll make sure to check out the music!

  3. que buena pinta tiene todo!!
    y que guapas/os todas!!!

  4. Que guapasss y que bien os lo pasasteis!! ^^

  5. Que bonito todo, ahora quiero pastel, y creo que no es la vez que me apetece pastel o cosas dulces después de entrar en tu blog >3<! Es cierto xD

  6. I discovered Elsa's blog via you,actually! i love it,and I think Pontus' music is lovely!!
    Sweet party,all that delicious food!You guys sure know how to put on a feast!!

  7. I love Hola todo el mundo! The sound a little bit like Russian Red!


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