Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to Murcia! (part I)

So, I'm bak from Murcia! It's been a GORGEOUS weekend. I've met lots of awesome people and have a lovely time with my friends. We played the lolita-zombie all the time (moving like a zombie but dressed like a Lolita) and danced while we were working!

Our trip begun last wednesday, when Den picked us up to Murcia.

T-shirt - Pull & Bear
Cardigan - Zara
Skirt - Sonia Rykiel pour H&M
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Secret Shop

After a hard day working, on Friday we opened the manga convention... and it was so much better of what we had thought!
Vane and Jani, my two mates on the stand!

Early in the morning, the Tv appeared and made me an interview about japanese fashion... and I put a pink cardigan with bunny ears to the reporter!

Then we met Miki, a lovely gal, and lots of people... like Pyramid Head, Axel Roses and Slash, a Silent Hill Nurse, Obama... 
Yes, there was a lovely girl inside the Police Cabin!

but the best ones for me were Jorge, the lovely Madhatter who was such the cutest boy I've ever seen; and all the main characters from Sandman, my favourite comic... I almost cried when I saw them!!

This last picture is from the moment I saw my beloved friend Oct... oh, my, such a cute friday!!

And you, did you had a good weekend? What did you do?


  1. Oh my gosh, there was a TARDIS at the convention!! :D How cute! Glad you had a fun time!

  2. ¡Qué grande Obama! jajajaja. La enfermera... ¿era una chica o un chico depilado? Y que sepas que me he enamorado locamente de esa monada de gal.

  3. Me han encantado los eternos, yo hubiese llorado tambien jajajaja

  4. estabais divinas! (L)
    y habia cosplays buenisimos!

  5. What a lovely, lovely post. i thought you had moved to Murcia for good.So you are back in Barcelona, now??????????????
    Un abrazo hunney jejejeje.

  6. Oh wow, looks like amazing fun!

  7. I think you always have the most fun! You guys look cute, each and everyone of you:)


  8. Tu ya sabes lo que yo hice xD Ojalá Den también me mandara a otros salones fuera de aquí que me hace una faltica loca xD

    ¡Cuantas cosas monas pusisteis en el stand! Es todo una adorabilidad x3

  9. Que genialidades por favor...

    Pero me quedo con el cosplay de obama, casi me atraganto de la risa xDDDD

  10. Me encanta el primer look! todo amarillín y los zapatos de secret shop dando el punto lolitesco.
    simplemente genial :)

  11. Cuanta frikada suelta *-* la cabina de Doctor Whoo!!! ¡Dios ese cosplay me gusta mucho que original!
    Te regalo un John Travolta por guapa: 9:^)3

  12. I love your outfit in the first pic!
    The convention looks fun-I've never been to one!!

  13. OMG Los Eternos! Me hubiese quedado de piedra si los veo yo! Soy fan(atica) de Neil Gaiman!

  14. guau, unconventional convention!!;DDD
    Qué estupendísimo, qué divertido, y creo que el detalle de la cabina azul me ha parecido ultra-friqui y me ha Encantado Totalmente (es que soy muy fans del Doctor), y los personajes de Sandman, Alucinantes!
    En fin, que me alegra ver tanta diversión y creatividad en acción!!

  15. Fue un placer teneros por aquí <3

  16. Guapiiiii!!!
    Me alegra que te gustase como gyaru ^^
    Espero veros pronto! Ya cuando vuelva a ir a Bcn sabré con quién quedar un ratico :)
    Me encantan tus otfits ya te lo dije!
    Un besazo ijiji


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