Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If I don't live today, then I might be here tomorrow...

I'm so sorry for being a bad blogger in the last few weeks, but as I'm still searching for a job and prepairing a stand at a manga convention here in Barcelona, I'm really busy!

Yes, I'm selling lots of handcrafts from Bunnies are Pirates too!; I'll show them in the next days... but there's lots of Halloween stuff and cute (& funny) things that you would love! If you want to know what's new as sooner as I blog it, join the facebook group!

I'm also busy with a fashion photoshoot that we're doing next November 13th, so that's why today (after about 5 or 6 days at home leaving it only for job-searching) I had a coffee with Laia and Jana; and met Charlie, a very nice girl!
Laia, as cute as always!

And here I am. I dyed my hair red again a few days ago, and bought this wonderful blue hat when Rose was here... You already know that Zara blue dress, but I really love it!! And I'm so happy because now that it's cold, I can use my beloved boots that I bought last January at Berlin!!

Dress - Zara
Tights - H&M
Boots - Aces of London
Hat - H&M

Once again, I would like to apologize myself for being so absent. But you should now that I read all your blogs everyday, even if I don't leave a comment, I read them! I like to know about all your lifes, because that's all about this, isn't it?

Have a great wednesday!!


  1. Looking adorable,as usual!
    Sometimes life just takes over!

  2. Oh your totally forgiven because of your adorable outfit posts hehe beautiful!!!

  3. Madre mía, en cuantas cosas estás metida a la vez. Si al final encuentras trabajo no sé dónde lo vas a meter en tu agenda. :)) Sí, se te nota un poco el pelo más rojilllo.

    B* a la Moda

  4. I love your red hair better.
    Enjoy life and visit sometime.

  5. u always have the cutest photo and i love the first photo the most!

  6. Me encanta el conjunto!!! Tía, cómo va la búsqueda de curro?? Espero que mejor que la mía, cuando me den la patada =(

    Pero qué guapas salís siempre en las fotos, qué envidia (de la buena) me dais!!!

  7. mi bombin de H&M es muy muy mono a q si

  8. Just a lovely outfit, so nice hat and pretty dress: you're a doll!, And I understand you were looking forward to use these booties!
    And I'm glad you're focused on projects and job: I wish you find a good job!

  9. Wiii ese sombrerito es adorable, cuando lo vi me dije, dios debes tener este Effy hat :D y además estaba rebajado en verano *.*

    Yo estoy también haciendo cosas manuales, pero aún no tengo valor de venderlas, aunque mi madre me está animando... Y ya me he abierto una cuenta en Etsy y todo, con esto de no encontrar trabajo estoy pensando hasta en vender algunos olios T_T

    un besito reina y a seguir tan estilosa y pelirrojita como siempre!

  10. Estas muy guapa. Y ese sombrero azul es genial!!

  11. I really like Laia's outfit, especially the bag and the coat. I have that same coat (if it's the Topshop sailor coat) but I hate how it looks so big on me and that it makes me look fat when I keep it open.

    The art of keeping your jacket/coat open and not looking fat has always been a mystery to me :P.

  12. La primera foto es una pasada de chula :O


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