Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art is the weapon (Na na na)

Today I feel obsessed with the niew single of My Chemical Romance. Even at We ♥ Redheads I've posted about Gerard Way's new look. But the truth is that I cannot stop listening to their new single (the first one of their new work) and the sentence that gives the title to this post. 

Art is the weapon. I think that on these days full of doubts, where you don't know what's gonna happen with you and your life... art is the weapon. I mean, you need to take out all the shit inside you; maybe writting, singing, sewing, drawing... 

I passed my monday re-writting my cv again, and makig a list wich the places I must visit tomorrow for leaving it. And making plans of future, if everything goes right. And singing, yes, singing almost all the day MCR's song and listening to bands the I used to listened all the time when I was 15 years old.

Life as a sympton. That makes me think about my actual life and the life I want to live. And I don't know if I'm on the right way, but I'm trying to find it and fight for my dream, of course. Maybe I'm on the wrong way, maybe not; but I don't want to feel my life as a sympton. Life must be bright and full of energy, with good and bad experiences. It's not a disease, it's a path that we all must walk, as dead.

And I guess if in this world, full of injustice and false people, full of selfish and shit... is there any place for art? Oh, creative people, where are you ad why do you hide?

I'm not talking only about art; I'm talking about everything related with art. Music, fashion... where did all the originality go? I know it must be somewhere, and for those who sounds arrogant today when they talk about their future... remember: everyone who won, at first, seemed arrogant.

And why I'm telling you this, you may ask? Art as a weapon. We want a revolution, and we want it NOW, YOU DAMNED!! Creative people, join all together and make some noise! Here we're starting with this, one of the "news" that I told you a couple of weeks ago:

I'm writting in this issue an article about vintage fashion. And we'll do more and better for the next number. Take a look. Give us your opinion. Make some noise. Lot of noise, indeed.

It's time for singing aloud "Na na na". We want you to hear us; you, who think that you're better than us.


Oh, kiss me, animal!

PS: I love when music makes me think nonsense things like this... but full of sense at the same time.


  1. Que coloridos ajaja a comparación de antes que todo dark; ahm nunca he sido fan de esta banda XD.

    Por cierto con lo que dices de la vida, todos llegamos a tener un rato de mucho pensar y pensar que haremos, al menos los que deseamos cambiar cosas y madurar ;) asi que suerte con tus planes y sueños


  2. Me enteré que te gusta MCR ayer por el Facebook. No lo sabía :O

    ¿Has escuchado la otra canción, 'The Only Hope for me is you'? Es bastante diferente a lo que MCR ha hecho antes, pero está guay.

    Me gusta mucho el color que tiene el pelo de Gerard, pero a él le queda un poco raro, ¿no? xD

    Me ha encantado esta entrada, mucho mucho ♥

  3. Sometime we spend so much time worrying about the life we want to live, that forget that LIFE is happening to you, as John lennon said, while you are busy making other plans.
    Live and enjoy everyday, together with your plans, of course.

  4. guau, me entusiasma esta energía, estas ganas de hacer más cosas cada día y nunca dejar de ser lo que nos apetezca ser!.
    En fin, me gusta mucho esa idea de no dejarse aplastar, simplemente plantarse y decir: ya sé que no soy Importante, pero soy el Gran Protagonista de Mi Vida!!
    Y además, buena Música!
    besos con entusiasmo!

  5. Tal como h(emos) hablado antes, me pongo ahora mismo con My Chemical Romance.

  6. Si quieres arte, originalidad, libertad y gente non-selfish, vete a Berlin!

  7. En Berlín ya estuve, gracias; la originalidad fue bastante notable aunque hace unos años era mayor. Pienso que la originalidad ahora se da más arriba todavía ;)


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