Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blue Blood: LeLook Night

Last saturday we were invited to this year's LeLook night, and MIAU Magazine, Laia, Rose and I were there, of course!

There was a fashion show during the night, and the models were among the attendees of the event. There was a photocall too, and I took pictures to the photographer (I think I was the only one who made pictures to him, haha!).

And here you can see a bunch of pictures of the best models (from my point of view, of course).


And my look, of course! i decided to wear in polka dots, so different to the rest of the people... and with little Barbies on my head and hands!

This week i'm a little bit stressed, as I'm still searching for a job (I've got an interview next Tuesday!), making tons of jewels for Halloween (I'm selling things at "El Salón del Manga", an important event during that weekend) and trying to find some new projects... I hope they would come to a good place, because one of them is so great!!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Elsa Billgren featured me on her blog yesterday... have a look at it here!

Have a nice day, my sweethearts! Here's gonna rain, so yes... it's a great day for me ;)


  1. the place is packed! I don't like all of the looks shown here but I do like most of the men's looks.


  2. I like your look the best. The clash of polka dots in different csize and colours anre, love the barbie dolls, and i am not a great love of dolls porque para muñeca YO, je , je.
    Mi deseo para hoy:
    Visítame al menos 1 vez al mes.
    Te abrazo.

  3. Las barbies son una monaaaada *_* y la falda... y tu (L)! Siempre te leo pero nunca te dejo comentarios... :$ aquí va uno! 1beso primor

  4. qué conjunto de lunares tan genial!, ese toque del lazo rosado a juego con los zapatos y todas esas mini-barbies, tan divertido!

  5. ¿Esta es la fiesta que se suponía que era punk? Madre mía...

  6. i love the little barbies! they are so cool and unique :3 i love the polka dots and ur whole outfit it looks different from ur usual style! but u suit it well! the event looks so great and fun!

  7. Que interesante eso de las barbies XDD, espero te vaya bien en la entrevista, yo también ando esperando que me llamen T_T

    Suerte con el salon manga

    y gracias por pasarte al blog ;)

  8. You look gorgeous!!
    I saw you on Elsa's blog-eeek!

  9. Qué planazo! MUy chulo y creativo el anillo. Entiendo que lo has hecho tú, no?

    B* a la Moda

  10. Dios pero si es que debías de desfilar tú con el estilazo que tienes perra!!! XD

  11. Hola guapa. Me encantan las fotos que hiciste.
    Me gusta mucho el Salón del Manga...irás a vender joyas el próximo fin de semana?


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