Friday, November 25, 2011

Paradigm of fools...

Or how a lovely evening with tea can end like a stupid photoshoot with your loli-friends after too much sugar!

So everything started one evening, with Vane, Carol and Choco-chan. We met at Vane's house, and she prepared one of the most lovely jasmine teas I've ever drink! It contained a flower that opened itself with hot water.

Vane's home is full of cute things and music, as Dani (her fiancé) plays the guitar with The Last 3 Lines, the band I talked about at my previous post. I really enjoy their little places around their home!

So we recorded a video for a Mexican Lolita Community, as they were celebrating their first anniversary; we made a lovely jelly bean & candy cake!

And this is what happens when you drink so much jasmine tea with sugar and eat candy... you do stupid photoshoots with SpongeBob and a giant lollipop!

Yes, I'm always doing things like this with my loli-friends... but that's why I love them and that's why they're my friends too!

By the way, a couple of weeks ago I attended with Fey to a Party Bench by My buffer guest! We had a really good time at Vanity Room, a beautiful pub from Barcelona... really great!

I was wearing my vintage green dress for the occasion, the one I bought at Berlin almost two years ago.

On Sunday my mum's coming to Barcelona; we're spending about 4 days together, as we haven't seen us since summer! Today's her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!


  1. EPIC!!! xD me encanta!! xD La foto con la piruleta gigante en plan ama es total!! xD


  2. XDD el azucar? seguras? no tendría mas que solo azucar LOL.. ustedes me recuerdan a veces a las locuras que hago con mis amigas jejeje, no usan lolita, pero se llevarían bien.


  3. Videito para My lolita style? Nice!!

  4. Qué grandioso todo, as always♥♥

  5. These are awesome! Your friend's house is .... awesome! And I live in Barcelona too, so I might have to check out this bar...


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