Saturday, December 03, 2011

Your bruising charm.

My mum's been here during almost all this week and I've been hanging around with her from sunday to thursday! Unfortunately, the last day was a little bit sad, as she was leaving back home and someone stole my little cardholder in wich I used to had my ID and subway tickets...

Anyway, do you remember I told you that we were having a party event at our work? Here you can see some pictures of the event!

 Our shop!
 Patri with her family!

 Our first buyers of the night!
 Finally, Rocío came to our shop... and guess what, maybe she's working for Cache Cache this Christmas :)!
 Marisa is one of our best customers <3
Vane, Patri and me <3!

Last sunday I went to Demasié Café with my mum and the 15M-gang, and we had some hot chocolate and cookies there. 

That day, León took this loely picture of my mum & me.. thank you!

And Patri made me the other day a bunch of pictures at the shop before leaving... I dressed myself a little bit sailor inspired!

 Cardigan - Zara
Skirt - Cache Cache
Tights - H&M
Hair ribbon - Handmade
Shoes - Offbrand


  1. Que p*tada que te robasen la carterita snif
    No te tomes esto a mal pero tu mamá y tu pareceis hermanas...jesús, que buenos genes tienes!

  2. Ains que belleza, me encanta el último conjunto :3

  3. Es verdad que tu madre y vos parecen hermanas, y a parte sos igual a ella, las dos guapisimas!


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