Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby says.

Hi there & Merry Christmas!
I've been so busy during the past week (as I'm working now more hours per week) that I didn't realized that it's almost Christmas. This year I'm spending this time at Barcelona again, but I won't be alone, as Hector is staying with me and my friend Ester too. But it's a little bit sad being so far away from my family for the second year, sigh!

Anyway, last week it was my birthday and I receive some lovely presents! I only have pictures of to great pair of shoes from Forever21, but I'll show you more soon!

I've discovered some tartan skirts and dresses on my wardrobe during the past weeks too, as a lovely black hat. So, last week I was dressed like this one day: 

 Shirt - Cache Cache
Cardigan - Blanco
Skirt - Mango
Shoes - Melissa
Hat - Offbrand

And yesterday, for 'San Esteban' (a Catalan Christmas party) I was dressed like this: 

 Dress - Vintage
Tights - Another birthday present! Women Secret
Shoes - Blanco
I didn't remember I had that gorgeous dress! I bought it in one Flea Market for only 3€ and it's still lovely, perfect for Christmas time!

Yesterday I went mith Micky to Gran Vía for seeing some Christmas shops, and after that I spent the rest of the evening with Fey, Marc and Ivy, who was eating tons of sugar (as you can see on the pictures).

We ended at Mucci's, my actual favourite restaurant from Barcelona. You can eat here the best pizzas and quiches from all the city! I had a portion of Donatello's pizza (with brea and sweet onion) and a pumpkin quiche!

And you, did you enjoyed your Christmas? Are you planning something special for New Year's Eve? I'm having a very special guest at my home... you'll see :)!!


  1. Me encanta el segundo conjunto, pareces super pequeñita!!!

    Y los zapatos rojos me han matado, los necesito para vivir!!!!


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