Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mutual core.

Here you can see the last pictures of the Manga Convention from last week!

The last day I decided dressed in japanese Dolly style, mixing vintage items with some folk and lolita inspiration!

 Dress - Vintage
Pettitcoat - Anna House
Tights - H&M
Boots - Aces of London
Headress - Sweet Rebeldy
Necklace clock - Vintage
Hair Feather - H&M
Butterfly - Handmade

The last day ussualy is very soft, and is the one in wich you can talk with all the people. I met there Esther, Maka and Eva!

Clara , Evana or Mavako were there too, while the girls were selling the last things on their stand.

So we had a lovely weekend full of friends and fun... I miss all the girls!

And well, here I left you another outfit I was wearing a random day I had coffee with the girls... I'm so autumn inspired using browns, corals, yellows and butterflies!

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Sonia Rykiel

By the way... you know what? On friday, we're going back to Plaza Catalunya. We're camping again until the 20-N. We're still fighting... wish us good luck! :)!


  1. ¡Que guapa! ¡Y choco de azul está remona!

    Buena suerte en la plaza, si me paso a ver si te veo

  2. Guapérrima!

    Me encanta "todo" lo que llevas en la cabeza (por dentro of course) pero también por fuera, la combinación es genial genialosa.

    Y eeeeeenvidio lo bien que os quedan las medias de colores claritos. Es una de mis asignaturas pendientes ^^

  3. Esperaba verte en el salón de Murcia!
    Fdo: El sombrerero loco

  4. Qué recuerdos más geniales!
    Me encanta ese vestido y cómo te queda, reina!♥

    Gracias por las fotos :D

  5. Ame el detalle de la mariposa en el pelo *_*

  6. Tengo las mismas medias de flore!!! son lindas


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