Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Comet Song (for all my beautiful stars!)

So as I told you, during the past week it was the Manga Convention here at Barcelona, and there were lots of cute stars around me thse days.

Yayra was staying at home, asn she looked faboulous every single day she dressed as a lolita. Yayra's style is amazing, and I really love it.

So on Sunday, we took the train and went to La Farga for having a gorgeous time!

There we met the gang from Madame Chocolat and LiW: Blanca, Vane, Choco-chan, Carol, Cristina, Bea, Sara, Evana, Fidel... everyone was there! I really enjoy working with them; we always hae a gorgeous time!

At the end of that day we were haing dinner at "Burrito's", a new mexican restaurant in front of where the Manga Con took place. But before we left, we met Victoria Frances, a gorgeous spanish illustrator... and so beautiful! She was delighted with Carol, Vane and I... thanks, Victoria!

Dinner was quite fun (we created a new pet, "Shinoharu"... yes, a chip with a face) and we could see Ania too, who didn't go inside the Manca Con 'cause her ankle.

 Bea drinking beer... lolitas goes drunk? Omg! <3!
 Shinoharu ad apple pie!

On Monday, it was Halloween! You know this is one of my favourite parties of the year, and there was a special event that night: Nocturna Festival! Victoria Modesto was coming for the very first time to Spain, and of course we wanted to support the event!

So Evana and Cristina came home for having dinner with Vic, Fey and me; and got ready to the party!

I inspired my look in Gabby Young, that wonderful singer that has a lovely carnivale style!

By the way, isn't my new roomate cute? I really love Vic!!

Did you enjoyed your Halloween night?


  1. corazones y lolitas arriba XDD que peladaa, mira tu hermoso tocado y piernotas XDD, que bonito se lee todo.. saludos guapa!!!

  2. Así como voy a encontrar noviooooo?? xDDDD

  3. ay por dios pero que esplendidas vais!!
    adoro como te sientan esas medias de rombos estas genial ¡como siempre!
    un besazo guapa :3!

  4. ¡Vais geniales! Soy fan absoluta :3
    Por cierto, las lotitas DEBEN beber cerveza :D
    ¡Por una sociedad sin lolis fundamentalistas y reprinidas!

  5. Pero que divinas que sois!!!!! Me encantáis <3

    Let me dream

  6. Aish aish, es que no puedo dejar de mirar las fotos ;_; quiero volveeeeeer

  7. Cuanto glamour y cuanta pierna!! Me encanta!!! <333

  8. que fotos tan chulas y que fant´sticas que vais *w*


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