Thursday, November 24, 2011

Visions from Oniria

We're not dreaming, we're building our future.

Some pictures from Plaza Catalunya that Angel and León took last weekend!


And some other pictures León took from me!

By the way, the title of this entry is the name of The Last 3 Lines new album, 'Visions from Oniria'. I invite you to listen to it, it's amazing!!

The Last 3 Lines - Visions from Oniria by Aloud Music

The Last 3 Lines is a spanish band from Barcelona. I discovered them some time ago, in my last year at Granada. Visions from Oniria is their second album and  was released on November 18th!

 I met them thanks to Vane, as Dani (one of the guitarists) is her fiancé!

Cannot wait for seeing them in concert again!

And one thing more: I guess some of you know the brand Kawaii Factory, created by my friend Carol. Well, the brand Mayoral has copied one of her desings for their clothes... you can read the whole problem here.

I would like to say that copying the artwork of indepence artist is a shit; hey, big brands, buy them or ask for permission!! Respect! 


  1. ¡Qué guapa estás en la foto con la flor en el pelo! Te favorece un montón el peinado y el maquillaje estilo pin up ;)

    Y lo del robo de Mayoral a tu amiga me parece indignante... he pasado por su blog y vi el post en cuestión y joder, ¡es que es exactamente el mismo dibujo! Menuda jeta tienen robando los trabajos de otros, qué asco!

  2. Ay, qué GANAS de dulce me han entrado al ver tu post anterior!



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