Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday music.

I feel a little bit musical this sunday, so I wanna share with you some pictures of my last concerts and some good music I've been discovering or re-discovering in the past few months!

The first ones are from the past SOS Festival; I showed you some pictures in here but this ones are from Suede's concert and White Lies.

And the next ones are from The Bloody Beetroots at Razzmataz, on June. I went with Judit but there I found Eva and more lovely people!

And the next ones are from The Brandery, where I saw Nouvelle Vague and Ladytron!

The day I saw Ladytron I was earing my Mr. Kitty t-shirt. 

Mr. Kitty is the project of Forrest Avery, a lovely guy from USA who creates great electronic music. I met his project thanks to Taylor, a friend from Los Angeles who creates great music mixes! I really recomend you both. 

And today I've been listening to Pontus de Wolfe. Pontus is the husband of my beloved Elsa Billgren, and he's got a great voice and sense for music. 

You can listen to his music and other stuff on his page... you really should!


  1. Yo tb fui al SOS. genial

  2. Todo se lee interesante, me gusta ver nueva musica :D sobre todo que en mi pais no suenan o nunca la pondran, te ves reguapa con ese conjunto



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