Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fireworks in the sky

Just a quick post for showing you two things: first of all, some pictures of my last weekend, in wich I saw some beautiful fireworks here at Barcelona!

And secondly, my new skirt from Cache Cache, I'm in love with it! You all know that I work on Cache Cache, and this season they've got some beautiful clothes, like the ones I'm wearing on those pictures... don't you like it?

 T-shirt and skirt - Cache Cache
Loafers - Blanco
Doe Deer brooche & ribbon - handmade by me

By the way, isn't cute my doe deer brooche? I made it by myself some months ago, and I really like it!

Are you doing something nice this weekend? Today I'm going to Lleida in the evening, as I'm going to the theatre there!

It's October the 1st and one of my favourite months... autumn is here, Halloween (and All Saints' day in Spain) is here too... cold, some rain... it's gonna be great!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Soy yo o tenes el pelo mas largo :o muy bonita!!! me encanta los fuegos artificiales, en El Salvador hay una fecha en Diciembre donde el restaurante Pollo Campero tira bastantes, se hace un super trafico de carros y gente XD, yo prefiero verlo desde casa, ahi hay una parte donde verlos bien jijijiji.
    Aun sigo en Alemania y me ah gustado el poco otono que he vivido, lastimosamente regreso el lunes a mi pais :(, aunque alla esta lloviendo, asi que al menos hace viento fresco.


  2. Me encanta el conjunto!

    Yo me estuve mirando los mismos zapatos jiji

  3. Unas fotos muy chulas! Los fuegos artificiales son de las Fiestas de la Mercè? Estar esos días en la ciudad es una gozada!

  4. Que espectaculo!! ME encanta el conjunto, sobretodo la camisa ^_^


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