Monday, October 24, 2011

Connect your mind.

Hi there, I'm alive! But my internet connectios it's been down during this past week... it isn't working at all now, but I guess I can update this with a short post about what happened the past weeks!

First of all, it was the Global Revolution demonstration! And here at Barcelona it was great, with more than 400.000 people on the streets shouting and fighting for their rights. It was really amazing.

Sometimes I don't know if all we're doing it's working or something... but when you see this amount of people on the streets... well... it's simply amazing.

It was Esther's birthday that day too, so I was dressed for the party... I only had dinner with my friends, but this is how I looked.

Uri and Fey were there dressed as The Blues Brothers (so elegant both of them!) doing their "first line" work.

Vane, Carol, Veronica and other lolitas were there too with cuteness around her!

It was really wonderful... Did you had any actions on your city?

That week I dressed too for recording one episode of the internet comic show that we're doing about 15M... soon I'll show you about that!

And yesterday night I was a waitress at a benefit concert at Nou Barris; we're occupying a building to rehouse some evicted families, and last night we held a benefit concert to raise funds and help them with their debts. It was a success, and I discovered that I'm no bad waitress! This is a dark picture, but it was taken with a mobilephone!

You know? maybe I don't have so much time with all the 15M stuff, but I feel good doing things like this, fighting for the rights of our people... fighting for my future and the future of those who are coming... and I know that, in some ways, we're making people connecting their mind into reality... waking them up for adignified life. That shouldn't be a privilege. That should be a right. 

I guess this week my internet connection would work (or so I hope); so I'll talk to you about the upcoming Manga Convention of Barcelona!


  1. Really beautiful outfits!
    It's good to see people like you who sign up for important causes like these.
    Here in Paris there is no event like this, I don't know why... It doesn't work in France, even if here, too, there is a crisis!
    I think that people focus more on the presidential elections for next year.
    Thanks for sharing your impressions here!
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  2. Indignem-nos!
    Estais estupendos en las fotos.


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