Monday, October 03, 2011

A trip by train.

After this short post about what's happening today at Barcelona; I want to show you how my weekend was.

On friday night I met Rocío, Carlos, Micky, Cristina and some other friends to celebrate Rocio's birthday! We had dinner all together in a pub and after that, we ate a delicious applepie that Cristina made, yummy! I hope Rocío had a great time with us :)


Then, on saturday and after work, there was a little adventure waiting for me: a trip to Lleida by train.

Saturday was the premiere of the play written by Fey, and of course, we all went to Lleida to support him! I must say that the work, called "Hell: a comedy," was very funny and I laughed a lot, especially with a performance by David Guàrdia, who was angel Raziel. 

The trip by train was a little bit long but funny, as everything I do with these guys!

 I was wearing: 
Shirt - Cache Cache (so 50s!)
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Claire's
Sunglasses - Blanco Accesories
Bag - Amsterdam
 Fey & me!
 Carlos, Garrobo & Íñigo

We arrived to the theatre almost in time, so we sat in our places and enjoyed the performance! After the premiere, we talked a little bit with the actors, who were very happy too :)

 David Guàrdia and me, so funny!

Later on, we had dinner and found a heavy pub called Darkness, in with we spent almost all the night drinking beer (celebrating Fey's play) and playing darts!

So yes, at the end it was a lovely weekend!

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And remember to read my other entry of today and share it if you can, it's important!

Thank you all <3


  1. do you ever not to awesome things? haha, so jealous x

  2. You look so pretty in these photos, and you hair is just gorgeous!

    Thank you for your lovely words, I would never consider you a fat girl, but curvy yes. I love how you flaunt what you have, and that is why I follow youu!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. Seguro que disfrutaste mucho el viaje en tren.
    Te ves genial!


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