Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Never miss a beat.

Yesterday, Carlos (a friend from Jerez) came to Barcelona, as he came for the Stiges Cinema Festival. Last time I saw him it was at last year's Manga Convention; and I was really happy. It was a short meeting (in wich we ate sushi!), but really nice.

I was off to work, but I asked him and Micky to take some pictures of my outfit, as I wanted to show you my new t-shirt! Isn't it cute? It's a milkshake love!

 T-shirt - Cache Cache
Skirt - Cache Cache
Socks - Chocomint
Boots - Cache Cache
Hat - H&M Divided
Bag - from Amsterdam

By the way, I'm very exited abut the international demonstration next saturday! Are you coming to 15O?


  1. Que look más original!Besos!


  2. fui alerta a ver si te veía en la manifestación del sábado, debemos quedar linda flor, para tomar algo o comer (muy de barato por que estoy segura que las dos vamos justis de pasta XD) :_)!!


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