Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer's gone and now my heart bites harder.

It's been a long and strange summer in wich I've got the impression of being doing lots of things but nothing at the same time. With my work and 15M I've been so busy that now, looking back to my summer,I see that I had some good times... let's have a look...

I went to dance with Judit and all my friends to Viruss, having a lovely time.

 Ivan and Fey

We played billiard after some 15M meetings.


I went to Heart Burguer, a lovely placein wich burguers are heart-shaped and so delicious... and desserts are gorgeous too!

I took pictures to Laia and she took pictures to me.

 Marc & me

I started going to castellers' events with Fey, and discovered that I love it! Unfortunately, there were several crashes in the second event that I attended and Fey did a little damage, but nothing serious.

I saw Mando Diao (again) in concert and took lots of pictures... and dance like a crazy, as always.


We met at Alejo's house, at my place or at cute places, like Santuxo, in wich I ate the best spicy potatoes!

 David, Alex, Garrobo, Fey, Marc and me

We went to see fireworks with music, a lovely show typical from La Mercé, one of the biggest tipycal catalan parties.

And suddely, autumn came and now that days are shorter and colder, I feel with more energy and prepairing myself for the big things that are coming. For all the bad and the good. 

But besides all the stress and bad things that may come, I'm lucky. I'm in good company.

Thank you for being there :)

PS: The title of the post it's because I'm in a very strange mood these days, and some times I think I'm gonna bite someone, haha!


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  2. Dirás lo que quieras, pero el verano parece que te ha sentado genial, ¡estás guapisima!. El Otoño será MÁS, ¿a que si? SEGURO ♥

  3. Pero que guapisima y reina que eres!!

    Como va el tema por BCN? Ahora estamos aqui con la huelga de FCC que... bueno,ya te contaré,es indignante!

  4. Pretty outfit!

    Lovely blog!and Nice pictures =)

    I enjoyed reading it....



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