Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday reflexions.

Summer's coming and I feel the urge of wearing black, as you can see around in these Instagram's pictures from the past few weeks.

I ate my first ice cream in 3 months the past week at Peggy Sue's. As some of you may noticed, I'm on a diet and I've lost 11kg in three and a half months. The reason of this diet is 'cause I'm having a surgery next September, a breast reduction. I'm having lots of backpains and dizziness and medical problems because of my bust, so my mom suggested me about this intervention... and I'm doing it. 

 Javi, Hector & me, flatmates <3

I'm always having fun with my flatmates and some friends, specially now that sometimes I feel so alone. You know, maybe I'm not having the time of my life, but it's good to know there's some people who's there for me. There's a lot of people who aren't know, indeed. I mean, sometimes in life you must choose what you want and the people you want to be around you. Well, it seems that there're always cowards people incapable of telling the truth in your face. But I don't blame them anymore. I mean, not everybody's like me and, even if it hurts, I must accept it. Of course, there's some of those people I'll miss... but if we're meant to be friends, then we'll be.
 Dinosaur Jr at Primavera Sound 2013

Music. Music. Music. I just wanna go to concerts and dance to music I like. I'm buying tickets for next Primavera Sound on July for sure. I don't know if I'll be here in Barcelona next year or not. If not, I'll sell the ticket. My next concert is on thursday, I'm seeing again The Smashing Pumpkins. My first time was in 1999... and even it the whole band is not together, I know it's gonna be good. Then maybe I can hace an
accreditation for Bona Nit Festival... and in October, after my surgery, I'm finally seeing Foals

I saw this skate the other night at the underground, and took a photo of it. No pain. Sometimes, you must apply this on your life, or else you will be devoured by your inner monsters. 'Cause we all have monsters growing inside us, of course; but some people knows how to manage them, and some not. And if you don't know how to do it, you must learn, sometimes with pain. No matters how, but you must control them. It's a fight for all your life.

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Hoy me sentía con la necesidad especial de escribir en inglés, así que os dejo algunas reflexiones. Podéis traducir el post en el botón de la barra lateral :)


  1. Tus medias son amor *O*

  2. Estás guapísima Libe, animo con la dieta y con la operación! :**

  3. Mira que linda!! :D en serio que te luce mucho ese estilo
    que dieta vas hacer? yo ya no tengo ánimos para dietas, necesito


  4. ay se me olvidó, mi twitter personal lo quité, solo dejé el de princess corner :D


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