Sunday, April 17, 2011


“Celestica is actually the name of the company in our home town that produces plastic, someone who worked there committed suicide by jumping into a large container of boiling liquid plastic and the workers couldn’t stop the machine so the body melted and became part of the stream of liquid plastic which they use to create products with.”
- Ethan Kath

Yesterday we celebrated Laia's birthday, although her birthday is next tuesday. We had a party in her home like lats year, with all the close friends.


The theme of this year was suposse to be "Princess", but modern princess... anyway, laia was wonderful as always.

We were drinking until 1 a.m. and eating some cake that Carol made for the party... but I couldn't eat because I'm allergic to bananas, and was a banana cake :(! Anyway it looked so good!


We gave Laia her presents: some cute make up, a book about lingerine that Oscar bought to her, pink ink and a quill pen, some Kawaii Factory little things and a ticket for an Asos' dress...she looked really happy!


 And after Laia's home, we went to Dixie and later on, Esther, Kim & I went to Viruss, were we met Eric, Marcos, Daniel, Blut & company!


My outfit yesterday night was strange. A mix between Florence Welch, who you all know I really admire; a ballerina, punk, a fairy, dolly kei... I really liked it!

My make up was inspired by a picture I saw from a japanese girl with eyelashes over her lids... Daniel (who is a make up student) loved the idea!!

So, happy birthday to Laia!


  1. Que bonito celebrar entre amigos :D
    Y si tu combinación es rara, pero hermosa! oye si te pareces algo a la florence :S quizas tienen rasgos parecidos, familia lejana XD

  2. Parece una fiesta genial, ¡cómo no iba a estar contenta con los regalos que le hicísteis!

  3. de verdad que pareces un hadita!! bueno menos las botas, pero muy guapa!

  4. OMG you look utterly GORGEOUS!! Love the frock and the hair AND the makeup!

  5. Hacía tiempo que no me pasaba por aqui, pero veo que sigues como siempre :)

    Por cierto te queda genial ese vestido

  6. por que siempre, en todas las fotos, salgo rodeada de alcohol¿? es algo que siempre me pregunto XD XD XD

  7. omg I can't believe it's been so long since I've stopped by your blog! I absolutely ADORE your make up idea.. genius!

  8. hola!!!

    por fin un poco de tiempo para descubrir blogs...
    Me encanta lo que haces!!! te sigo ;)

    1 abrazo


  9. Love the dress! Super cute!


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