Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bitter hearts

It's been a busy weekend, but the good thing is that I have lots of pictures to show you!

Last thursday I spent the evening with Micky walking around Barcelona. I discovered some cute shops with lovely little things... the good weather is here and now we can stay longer on the streets taking pictures!

 Matrioshki earrings! The most cute 've ever seen!
 Soda is a lovely shop at Carrer Avigno.

I was wearing my blue Topshop dress; it's like the coral/orange one, yes... but it was so cheap and I really love it! I also weared my new Melissa shoes... I'm in totally love!

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Melissa by Alexandre Herchcovitch
Tights - H&M
Socks - Primark
Hat - H&M
Bag - Blanco
Sunglasses - Vintage

After that lovely evening, I met Cristina and ent to My Buffer Guest party. My Buffer Guest is an online magazine managed by Julio Cesar Aguilera, who was my teacher at my coolhunting course last year; an he invited me. It was so funny, and I met some gorgeous people here... Louise, who's a model and is sudying medicine; Paula and Monique.
 Cris <3
Louise, Paula, Monique and Cris!

We had a lovely thursday... and it ws oly the beginning of a gorgeous weekend!!


  1. polka dot tights ^^ FTW! and it looks like a great shopping avenue :3 the earrings are really cute :)

  2. Que guapa!! ratos de no entrar a tu blog :D que bien sales


  3. Hola wapa!Hace mucho que no pasaba por aqi.Estás estupenda!!!Muchos besos!

  4. ¡Por dios que tiendas! *___*
    Y con las ansias de comprar que tengo siempre...


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