Monday, April 04, 2011

We broke free

My weekend passed between good friends, coffee, dance and music. On friday I had dinner with my girls (Laia, Debora and Esther) at my place. Then on saturday I was staying at home, but Dani needed a friend and I was there for him.

Dani, Ester and me!

So we went to Viruss Club and dance all night! Markos, Blut and Donna were there too, so gorgeous as always. 
Donna <3
Me before leaving home!

And today I had a lovely evening with Eric, Cristina and Micky. We went to Demasie Café, our favourite place; had some coffee and talk during all evening. Really really funny!
Dress - Topshop
Tights - H&M
Shoes & Bag - Blanco
I found this Liz Taylor stencil... awesome.

Did you had a great weekend?


  1. You looked gorgeous throughout!
    Me,I've been in Sydney,and can't speak from too much karaoke....

  2. Fin de semana completo... Abril ya ha empezado. Yo sólo digo eso.

  3. Preciosa!me encanta el bolsito de la foto final!

  4. Me quedo con el bolsito de la ultima foto, precioso! :)

    Por cierto, acabamos de estrenar el tercer capítulo de Dreaming Alba News, por si te apetece pasarte ;)

    1 beso!

  5. Pero que bien suenan esos planes de tranqui/fiesta! Estas genial!
    por cierto, la casa es preciosa!

    Un besín encanto! :)


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