Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lovers who uncover

Spring is here and I love to wear victory rolls in my hair when the good weather is coming!

My hair now is too long, so I can make this kind of things on it... but I must practice! It's been a while since the last time I made victory rolls on my hair... I think more than a year!

Dress - Cache Cache
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Blanco
Ribbon - Handmade

By the way, Carol gave me this cute cupcake and crochet cherries... aren't they cute? I really love them so much! She gave me a pair or cute heart cards earrings too that I must show you!

Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. ME encanta tu peinado!!!bonitaaa!!!:)

  2. oh those chrries r cute and i love the polka dots! lovely dress :)

  3. Me encanta tu peinado de pin up, además me gusta ver ese estilo en mujeres "como las de antes", con pechonalidad y curvas. Para mi gusto queda híperfemenino.

    Oh, y el poster de Crystal Castles mola mil!

  4. Tu peinado es perfecto y el detalle del lazo con el vestido todo un acierto!

  5. oh yes, i can't wait to see how you experiment with your longer hair! the victory rolls look so cute on you:)

  6. te qeda demasiado bien ese peinado =.= mencantaaaaaaaa

  7. Is your title from a song? If so, I think I know it! Is it by the Little Ones? :3


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