Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Schuman at Santa Eulalia: Sahakiel meets Scott.

"I believe that bloggers have a brilliant future into the fashion industry, but only if they've got something interesting to say about the world."

- Scott Schuman for Not Here to Please You-

I think that Mr Scott Schuman, also knows as The Sartorialist, doesn't need any introduction here. And, as you all may know by now, he was yesterday here, at Barcelona, in a private press conference at Santa Eulalia Boutique, one of the biggest one of the city that contains the most exclusive brands and who were releasing their new digital identity, with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a blog account... so great!

Scott looks like quite person. He answered all the questions that people in the press and through internet made to him with a detailed explanation, serenity and nice words.
He shared with us some of his opinions about the actual bloggers around the world, saying that most of them only wants to sit downs in the front rows of the biggest fashion events; but there's a lot of work behind those people who has finally get to this. I really felt very proud of me when he said that, because I'm not here beause of the fashion events or the brands; I'm here because I love fashion (as Mr Schuman).

He also said that he loves Milan, and thinks that Barcelona is a very beautiful city, with a lovely architecture and very stylish people. He thinks that here, people has got their own style, as in Stockholm; but we dress in a more sexy way, because of the weather.

When the press conference ended, I talked to him about my career and my final report od the Coolhunting postgrade. He thought that it was quite interesting and told me what it's at the begining of the post, as a quote for my report. This words (and a few more about this, as his opinion of all the Zara-Betty-Pandora war), coming from him are a great introduction for my final repot, don't you think?

And, of course, there was lots of lovely people there yesterday, but I spent mostly all the time with my dear Cristina, from La petite Nymphéa; and the lovely Saray, fron DansVogue; it was a very big pleasure, girls!! I met Rocío, from Diary of Style too, but as she came from Madrid, she had to leave early! I hope we could meet again soon.

With Cristina.
With Saray.
And the three of us! 
Thanks to cris for this pictures, my camera died after the press!!

And for the event, as you can see, I was wearing my lovely 50s vintage dress, one of my favourite ones; with a pair of red socks and my Mustang heels; you know, always on my line!

So as you can see, it was a great evening!

And if you want to read an interview to Scott Schuman, click here (in spanish only, sorry!)


  1. qué guay tía, una cita del mismísimo Scott Schuman para tu trabajo!

    Fue muy diver todo, lástima q fuera corto, me hubiera quedado un rato de sarao después de la rueda de prensa.. jaja

  2. you are amazing! I wish I was sometimes in your shoes :3

  3. Ya estás metida de lleno en los saraos de la moda, ¿eh? Antes de irnos a un parque de atracciones abandonado, tenemos que ir a uno que esté abierto. Pero a uno de verdad, de los grandes. You know what I'm talking about, isn't it?

  4. You look gorgeous,and it looks like Scott was very impressed by you and what you are doing!Great words from him,I wish I had something clever to say to help,but alas,no!!!
    You go for it,girl!

  5. bueno, me ha encantado ver que el señor Schuman es tan amable como parece, y leer tu experiencia al respecto!. Tienes muchas razones para animarte!!
    Y me gusta muchísimo tu vestido, esos cuadros, ese corte, te queda muy bien, y el toque de color rojo le va perfecto!, muy elegante para la ocasión!

  6. thank you for your sweet comment and for grabbing my button! ♥

  7. alaaa que guay!!!y que genial que pudieses conocer a cris y saray, las 3 íbais guapísimas =)

    1 besazo enorme cielo

  8. Este hombre, aparte de estar burnísimo y ser buen fotógrafo debe ser totalmente adorable y debe ser una pasada estar delante de él, con todo lo que hace por y con la moda.
    Adorable con tus zapatos :P

  9. Hola preciosa!
    Qué pasada lo de Scott y qué guay las tres, qué guapas! :)
    Me interesa mucho saber qué te contó Mr Schuman!:)
    Yo conocí a Rocío ayer jeje! Es genial. :)

    Un besazo! :-*

  10. That's so amazing that you got to meet Scott Schuman - and to talk to him as well! It sounds like a very awarding experience :)

  11. Hola guapi!! me alegro de que hayas podido disfrutarlo!! Me habría encantado ir pero vino mi mami y no quería dejarla sola...
    Me alegro sobre todo por verte sonreír! Nos vemos el martes!!!

  12. Pues me encantaría ir a la quedada de bloggers! Gracias!

    Es genial que empieces tu trabajo con una cita de Schuman. Denota calidad ya de entrada!jeje

    Te sigo!

  13. Hola preciosa!! No conocía tu blog, te puedes creer? He llegado aquí a través del de Cris. Qué interesante tuvo que estar el encuentro con Scott, debió ser genial.

    Te sigo a partir de ahora para no perderte y te añado a mi blogroll, me podrías añadir tú también al tuyo? Un beso. Me pasaré más a menudo a partir de ahora. Un beso. Muua

  14. Que interesante estuvo! pero y tu camiseta del Kaiser?da igual, estábas preciosa en plan formalita! y a tí te basta con abrir la boca, con o sin camiseta jeje

  15. He has got a very good point. Many people blog. Very little blogs have something to add to the 'existing body of knowledge'.


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