Thursday, June 03, 2010

Got no money to spend!

These are my secondhand Tommy Hilghfiger clogs, bought by Ebay for only 23 €. You don't need to spent lots of money for being in fashion... here are some more expamples:

Vintage sixties shoes, 27 €
Melissa shoes, 15 €
Handmade necklace... want one? 
I've got 5 Eiffel Tower more.
I'm selling them for 7 € (but with a ribbon added) + shipping; if you want one, write me back to my email ;)

I think that the most expensive things I've bought these last weeks are this books: 

One about Mods, one about Skinheads and two about coolhunting!

Tomorrow I'll show you and outfit with my clogs!


  1. Those 60's shoes are so good! It's definitely possibly to be fashionable without a big budget!

  2. Pienso esactamente igual, no necesitas gastar burradas de dinero en una sola cosa, yo prefiero gastar burradas de dinero en libros, aunque aqui en Japon, se me está iendo la pinza, porque las tiendas de ropa de segunda mano son la leche, y no te quiero contar AP, IW, Meta......
    Un besote, me gusta tu blog, te sigo!!!

  3. Gagging for those 60's shoes!!
    It's true,you don't have to spend a lot,I spend feck all and billions of frocks!Etc....

  4. These are such darling finds, Libs! I love the sweet 60s shoes like the others!! I wish I could find something like that here:)


  5. los zapatos se verán bien con tu ropa :) y si, no siempre se debe gastar el montón, ajaja pero yo ando con poco dinero ultimamente XD.
    Los zapatos que mas me gustan son los blancos ^^ que bonitos.

    Oye acá otro blog que eh abierto es sobre mi tienda de accesorios, por si quieres ver.


  6. No me extraña que te hayas comprado los libros de Coolhuntig, creo que haré lo mismo... jajaja
    Me encantan los zapatos blancos y los Melisa, son una pasada!
    Aiiiixxxx el collar del sobre como es???!!

  7. i love the clogs and Vintage sixties shoes :3

    and cute necklace ^^


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