Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know it's only fashion (but I like it!)

I few days ago I came aroun this article (here in spanish) about Lady Gaga and the Illuminatis.

Image from weheartit

I don't have nothing to do with this woman. I mean, I don't hate her or love her, but she's an artist, and has a great team of stylists and marketing that create all those "wonderful" looks that thousand of people love (for me it's ok, but only ok).

And when I read those articles, I said... wtf? So now they said that Lady Gaga is an Illuminati? What kind of joke is that?

I'm not explaining what an Illuminati is or how much I hate/love Lady Gaga; I only believe that this is stupid. So, if she's an Illuminati, some of my favourite bands are too... like Malice Mizer and all their butterfly and grotesque stuff, and their Illuminati video...

Kami, the drummer, was always related with butterflies, an Illuminati "icon"


Aur revoir, my favourite video.

Another one with lots of Illuminati iconoclasty is Marilyn Manson, with spiders, decadence and lots of "satanic" simbols around him, right?

The Disney factory, an Illuminati factor?

The Nobodies, full of iconoclasm.

Putting holes in happines... more iconoclasm... or is it what we want to see?

And of course, with Mr. Manson, Mr. Reznor comes (and Maynard from Tool, too; but I only would talk about Reznor). Nine Inch Nails, wich name makes reference of the nails that were used in the crucifixion...

The Perfect Drug


You know, thinking in all this things, I really believe that it's only fashion and music, and people should be very boring for saying this kind of stupid things. Sometimes, we see what we want to see, no the real thing... and in this cirque du freak that the music (and fashion) world is... the shadows can cheat us.

By the way, I love music, really good music (as the one mentioned on this post; well, maybe Manson isn't what he was, but I still like his work)... and this is only music, but I like it. Fuck the rest. End of the story.

By the way and talking about strange people and Illuminatis and things like that... if you haven't met Iamwhoiam, just check the link and her gorgeous videos...

"b" is my favourite song, but I really love all her stuff...

And you can red an article at Vogue about her :)

 Have a nice tuesday!


  1. Yo la odiaba antes, ahora es como mm me cae un poquitin mal XDD, y odio que la gente la adore tanto por cosas que otros hacen y sin ser tan comercial O_o.
    En cuánto a ropa y sesiones fotograficas, si son bonitas las de la señorita gaga ajajaja, pero no es alguien que me interese mucho.
    Por cierto marilyn me parece fatal, aunque la música me gusta, el cover tainted love es genial ^^


  2. Madre mía, esas otras bandas no se quedan cortas!

    B* a la Moda

  3. I feel like Lady Gaga is 90% marketing scheme 10% real human. I don't admire her as an artist because she's not original or being herself. There are teams of marketers and stylists working in the background. Also, her music is boring. :\

  4. i like mitzi cocoa's comment becuase it's probrably true :3

  5. este artículo ha sido surrealista O_o Lady Gaga una Iluminati, definitivamente la fiebre Gaga ya es una Pandemia peligrosa xD, tengo que decir que a mi Lady Gaga me gusta y me parece un perfecto ejemplo de sobresalir y triunfar en el mundo de la música comercial sin seguir el patrón de zorrillas de 14 que cantan como gatas en celo y que se visten como si fuesen moteras pijas de Alabama de 30 años, eso si, Lady Gaga es una especie de intento de Madonna y eso ya huele un poco a chamusquina, pero bueno prefiero mil Gagas que una sola Hannah Montana en el panorama musical más comercial xD

    Por cierto el artículo que has adjuntado me parece la cosa más friki que han podido hacer

  6. Que afortunada me siento de no poder tararear ni una sóla de las canciones de esta mujer, eso quiere decir que estoy a salvo del control mental de los Illuminati...

    Ahora en serio, no sé que es mejor si el artículo en sí o los comentarios que le siguen.

  7. gracias tía, qué ganas de irme tengo.. ni te imaginas! esta casa me está volviendo loca.. luego te escribo el mail pendiente!

  8. hmm illuminati? I just think of freemasons ( you know the secret society and all that) but maybe you mean something else?

  9. Gaga does look amazing,but Illuminati?!Give me a break!!!

  10. AL final no pude ir al mercadillo T___T
    lo vai a volver a hacer? *___*
    ains, que ganas de ser libre ya por dios, wque felíz estoy xDDDD!!!!
    nos volveremos a ver, baby (H) xDDDD

  11. recently saw about that too. think its ridiculous.

    Oh no, a triangle, illuminati. If they ahve all these simple symbols & if anyone does it, you can back up & save enough info to support it. FOR ANYONE.

  12. ¿Los Illuminati no eran una organización secreta o algo así raro? .__. xDD

    En serio, no entiendo a lo que te refieres, y eso que tambien he probado a leer la entrada en español xD


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