Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I may seem hard as diamond, but in reality I am made of chalk.

I've been broken now for a long time. Or that seems to me. 'Cause I was broken before all that happened this year. I've been broken for years and years. But you all didn't see it. 'Cause I may seem hard as diamond, but in reality I am made of chalk.

But I don't think being chalk is something nevagite. I mean, it's fragile, yes, but it's some kind of stone. So, at the same time, it's hard. Stones are supossed to be hard, but chalk can broke down.

I am chalk. All you can see is a stone, but if you touch me, I broke in one million pieces. And after that, I just take the pieces and grow up again.

And it's been like this forever, 'cause nobody can fix me. Even myself, I can't fix me. But the point is I like the way I am. I mean, there's nothing bad in being as I am, so intense, so hungry of new things, new feeling; so happy with the life I have and so sad of being alone in it. And, by alone I mean, without someone who loves me and wants to take care of me. Yes, even a stone as I am needs sometimes a person who takes care of her.

But anyway I'm always looking into the horizon for what's next that life's gonna offer me.

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