Sunday, August 17, 2014

I want champagne Thursday all week long for my fall.

This is how I want my fall to look like. 

With Leur Getter's lovely prints and dresses
Daphne Guiness' make up style
 I want to visit Brugge...
Faris Badwan <3
Stripes & Dots
Girl Gang
Make a road trip
All black Lolita dresses (this one's from Maxicimam)

Always date witches
More green hair, please.
Dark mori fashion
I want to visit Antwerpen too
 God Help the Girl film

Everyday Halloween
And champagne Thursday all week long.

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  1. i'm all up for a wine thrusday coming all week ♥

    lo primero es un anuncio de ETC verdad? sigo siendo muy fan de ellos...

    1. <3! Es un anuncio de la nueva marca de la diseñadora de ETC, Leur Gretter... búscala en Facebook y muere de amor, tía <3!

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  3. la entusiasta del vino soy yo


  4. I'm totally ready for Autumn now. Thank you for the inspiration. That Lolita dress is beautiful

  5. Bruges and Antwerp are so amazing! You would love them soooo much :P


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