Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Karma Police - Radiohead (at Bilbao BBK fest)

So last weekend I was at Bilbao BBK live fest and I had a gorgeous time around there! I saw great bands as The Cure or Radiohead... let me show you some pictures!

On the first day we arrived to Bilbao and saw The Gift, Snow Patrol (above) or The Cure (below pictures). The Cure did a splendid concert during more than 3 hours. At the beginning they were having some tecnical problems with the keyboard, and the gorgeous Robert Smith came out on the stage and sang to the audience three acoustic song while they were repairing the keyboard. 

On the second day Radohead was the top artist of the day, but we also saw Mumford & Sons, who had a great performance over the stage.


 Mumford & Sons

And finally, on saturday I was so exitec about seeing Garbage again that I dressed a little bit like a young Shirley Manson on the 90s. It was really amazing.

I think that the organization of the festival can be much better, but anyway we had a lovely time at Bilbao and for sure I'll repeat the experience another year.

I was also taking pictures fro Trendtation; you can see them on their facebook page here.


  1. These photos are so amazing; I'm so jealous! And you look absolutely gorgeous!

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Que suerte, a mi me encantaría poder ver a The Cure en directo TT_TT

  3. So jealous that you saw The Cure. I didn't realise Garbage were back together :)

  4. Looks like fun! =)


  5. Soy yo o siempre vas a buenos festivales de rock *_*

  6. Muy chulas las fotos! Jo que pena no poder ir a ningún festi este año, BBK y Azquena son lo mas. A parte de que refresca, y se agradece! :D

    A parte sales guapísima! :D

    Un beso!


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