Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy 8 of March

Today's the International Women day and I want to congratulate all the womens around the world: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, workers, houswifes... but above everything, FIGHTERS.

And I want to dedicate this post to all the fighters I know.

My mother.
 My cousin Rocío.
 Carol and Vane.
 Eva and Laia.
 Pili and Arashi.
Vane,Patri and my mates from Cache Cache...

And lots more: Rose, Electra, Cristina Pardo, Cristina Morales, Saray, Laia Chic, Helena, Rocío, Alicia, Eva, Cris V., Lu, Merche, Irene, my granmother... and all the women who make this a better world. 

Thank you.

PS: Andt to all those men who believe in equality and that we are all the same, no matters if you're a man or a woman... For you, thank you too. 


  1. awww que dulce, feliz día guapetona!! :*
    por cierto tu mamá y tu son idénticas jeje

  2. Gracias a ti! Me ha emocionado esa pequeña mención :_)
    Y felicidades a ti tb, guapa!


  3. Jo,me ha encantado este post!!!Es precioso y por cierto creo que ser mujer es lo más maravilloso que te puede pasar en la vida ;) Un beso guapisima!


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