Friday, March 09, 2012

Could be para para, Paradise.

I'm in totally love with the now Coldplay single, Paradise. The video is so cute and the song is simply perfect!!  Colplay maybe is not one of my favourite bands, but they're pretty good, I must say...

Anyway, I'm at Algeciras this week and I've been hanging around with my friends and family. Since last summer I haven't been here. The city hasn't change so much, but I can feel here too the discomfort about the political situation around Spain. 

I've spent almost all the time with my family; yesterday we had dinner at a new place on my neighborhood just for celebrate the 8 of March. It's called Baires and you can eat delicious tapas!

Rafa and my mom :)!

We had a tomatoe and mozarella salad, foie du carnard with sweet onion and berries, Argentine empanadas, shrimp, little squids (here they're called 'puntillitas') and some cheescake and two chocolate cacke... delicious! 

Yesterday too I went to the hairdressed and they curle my hair!

So the weekend is here and I'm leaving to Barcelona again on sunday. I'm a little bit sad but as the song say, 'show must go on'. 

By the way, do you like my new turquoise jacket and lovely skirt? The jacket is from Cache Cache and it stole my heart from the moment I saw it. The same happened with the skirt! It's from Oh My Love and I bought it on Asos :)

 Jacket - Cache Cache
Skirt - Oh my Love!
Socks - Topshop
Loafers - Coolway
Bag - bought on Amsterdam
Flowerpin - Blanco

Have a happy weekend!


  1. looks all delicious and you're very cute too!

  2. I love that black and pink skirt. And the food looks SO. GOOD. I shouldn't have skipped breakfast this morning!!

  3. Dios mío que rica cena!!! amo las empanadas, acá hacen mucho de ese estilo.
    Te luce ese peinado ^^ por cierto mañana comienza mi reto de foto con celular, si deseas participar ven a mi blog a leer las reglas, es algo sencillo pero divertido:

    Saludos y disfruta tu ciudad.

  4. Me ha entrado un HAMBRE de repente .. Qué miedo, haha


  5. vas muy guapa, liber!
    Me gusta mucho la falda, entre ne la web de la marca toda entusiasmada por que entre la falda y el nombre la cosa prometía y.... no, la verdad, jaja. Un beso, bella, a ver si nos vemos algún día ^^

  6. ¡Qué cosas más riquiñas y qué mujeres tan guapas! La comida se disfruta más con buena compañía, sin duda :3


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