Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strawberry swings (at Lolita Bakery!)

Today I spent the day with Vane, Pili and Arashi. We've been talking about a project we wanna move (a documental about Lolita Subculture) and had a lovely time at Lolita Bakery.

Pili was leaving today to Zaragoza, and we recorded a video for Liw Mexico, who are now starting doing events on their country.

As you can see, spring is coming to Barcelona! So soon for me, maybe, but well, it's beautiful seeing colors again around the city.

T-shirt - Blanco
Skirt - Zara
Socks - Asos
Shoes - Secret shop
Hairpin - Alice et June

Next weekend I'm off to Algeciras, for my winter holidays... Cannot wait for it!!


  1. Que fotos tan dulces *_* me gusta mucho el cord que has echo esa falda es preciosa ^_^

  2. Pero bueno! Cuanta niña mona junta!!! <3

  3. Madre mia libs... eres una maldita muñequita!


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