Friday, February 24, 2012

Collaborating with Fashion Pills and Vin Tee Couture

Hi there!

February is being exhausting, as I have not stopped working in a thousand things! One is the creation of a t-shirt for Fashion Pills x Vin Tee Couture, an event that happened last weekend ... a wonderful experience!

I arrived a little bit late because of work, but I could do my moodboard (above) and had a lovely time with all the girls last saturday.  Cris (from La Petite Nymphéa) gave me the chance of being there, so I really would love to thank her for thinking about me!

So there was a lovely catering by Ànima Catering with tons of sweets, pasta, salads... really great!

Homemade cupcakes by Cris, wow!

From left to right, at the top: Laura from Views by Laura, Maria Jesús from EmerJa, Claudia from Miss Marbles, Núria, creator of Fashion Pills, Monica de Mes Voyages À Paris, Cris from La Petite Nymphéa and me :)
At the bottom: Milena from Vin Tee Couture, Saray from Dans Vogue, Aida from Dulceida and Laia from Let me feel like a doll.

In gratitude, Milena gave each of us an original Vin Tee Couture t-shirt and a lovely bracelet. I had the tiger one (is orange, I love it!) and this lovely t-shirt in wich you can read 'Gone back to lalaland'! It's so sweet!

I cannot wait for the upcoming photoshoot session with our original t-shirts!! Thank you so much for this oportunity to all of us! 

If you wanna know a little bit more about Fashion Pills, you can follow them by twitter and facebook :)! Or have a look at their amazing blog too! Oh, and you can follow Vin Tee Couture on facebook too :)!

All pictures by Cris from La Petite Nymphéa, Laia from Let me feel like a doll and me.


  1. Me encanta Fashion Pills y sus collages ! Me han gustado mucho las fotos :)

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  3. justo hoy me renuevo y vuelvo al blogspot que desde que pillé el tumblr lo dejé más abandonado que el gimnasio XD soy lo peor lo se... A ver si nos vemos y me cuentas novedades de tu vida ginger de mi corasón!

    ay caca no se como pero he borrado el comentario anterior, estoy muy zombie ._. mua!

  4. Pero... ¿Cuántos años llevabas sin actualizar? MUY mal, haha


  5. Pero bueno hija, como le haces para ir siempre a estas cosas tan chulas? xDD

  6. no conocia tu blog! que pasada los pastelitos... hay que estudiar la interrelación bloggers-comida porque a las bloggers nos sobornan cantidad por el estómago, jeeje ;)

    si te apetece, visita nuestro blog, y nos conoces :)
    un besito!


  7. Me encanta, seguro que lo pasasteis genial . Felicidades :)

    A chic kiss ;)


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