Monday, February 06, 2012

The Brandery Winter Ed. 2012: Love your way (part I)

Last week it was almost the 'fashion week' at Barcelona, as we had The Brandery and Barcelona 080 Fashion... we also had this year the ASVOFF Film  Festival... a very busy week! Unfortunately, I only could attend to the Brandery because of my work... but anyway, I'm doing a couple of posts about it, as I discovered some cute things and went to the WGSN Trends Conference.

Today, I'm showing you my first day around there and some things I really liked about it.

I arrived on saturday for the Bloggers Meeting promoted by The Brandery. Cristina, from La Petite Nymphèa, Dave from Chipless Fashion or Aida from Dulceida were talking about blogging. After that, I had a drink with Cris and talked for a while! We only meet on this kind of events, but we promised to had a dinner soon :)!!

There was a Qee Bear exposition, customiced by dfferent artists and fashion designers.

I really liked the art of Bruna Sedó (above), who created wonderful pictures with make up; and the Superdry Stand, always so original. This time they had a classic carnival races stand, with pop corn!

Arts & Denim expositions.

Some Fashion Schools from Barcelona had little expositions too.

I don't have any pictures from myself of the first day, but Ramiro E. took me a picture. I looked like so scared 'cause I didn't expected the photo, haha!

Anyway, I wanna show you my new hair pin! It's from Alice et June, the brand of my adorable friend Candy!

I went with Laia to a fashion event and wered it, with my new white dress from H&M.

 Dress - H&M
Belt - Topshop
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Mustangs
Hair pin - Alice et June

The past weekend has been so cold here, and I loved it! It snowed in some parts of Barcelona! Have you seen the snow this past weekend?


  1. que bonito e interesante todo ese evento, me encantó el decorado, especialmente esas calaveras
    Yo a veces le tengo miedo al blanco, siento que me vere inflada XDD pero que bonito el vestido y te va bien con el peinado


  2. wow super mega amo tu estilo :D y el evento se ve fantastico

  3. Que hermoso vestido blanco, te queda precioso!!!! :333

  4. You look beautiful in the H&M dress!

    Carmen Ri.


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