Saturday, August 20, 2011

Books from boxes

These past few days I've been putting some order in my bedroom here at Algeciras, and I found lots of old books I used to read when I was a teen: Nietzche, Tolkien, Rubén Darío, Gabriel García Márquez, Ende, William Golding... I think I've got over 200 books on my bedroom, and I've read them all (some of them 3 or 4 times! Even more, as I read "The Lord of the Rings" like 13 times!).

But anyway, I just wanted to show you today some pictures of my last day at Barcelona. I had a very lovely dinner with Carol, Vane, Micky, Blanca, her boyfriend Christian, Magda, Xavi and two special guest we had that day: the lovely Izumi Goto and Sofie, a gorgeous girl from Denmark who's making a film about Izumi!

Izumi was playing a couple of concerts here at Barcelona, so I told Vane that we should have dinner with her in a very special place wich I knew she would love it: La Alcoba Azul, a small bohemian restaurant really cute!

We had some foie with oporto and cheese with melted candy, and then we had the special dishes from the house: toast with different things! Vane and Carol had some salads too, really delicious!

 Izumi had a toast with chiken and arugula
 Vane's salad was so yummy!
Micky, Sofie and I had a toast with brie, delicious!

After dinner, the owners of the restaurant asked if Izumi could sign an autograph, and of course she did! She and Sofie was very pleased with everything!

Finally, we took some pictures on the streets. It was a great night but we all were a little bit tired, so we said goodbye until the next time Izumi and Sofie visit Spain... I really hope it would be very soon!!


  1. OMG que VIP XD me refiero que emocionante compartir con una artista underground del japón, sobre todo porque la pasaron contentos entre amigos. Me alegro que estés en tu hogar de infancia, disfruta.


  2. Que de lugares bonitos y ricos conoces! Y la compañia es todo amor, espero que si puedan volver en octubre.

  3. You and your friends are just too adorable!Lovely looking food,too!

  4. Ay, chica!! Ustedes si que saben pasarselo bien bien!!!


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