Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charuca and We ♥ Redheads

On Thursday we went to Atticus for the Charuca opening exhibition, a lovely event with lots of cute drawings and stuff made by Charuca, one of the most cutest artist around here.


I really adore Charuca, she's so funny and has got a great talent!

As you can see, Bunnies are Pirates too! was there, o course!

Now, I would love to say THANK YOU SO MUCH about your lovely comments and advices in my last post. the decision was taken and I was about leaving Barcelona, but suddely, things changed and the work I was applying for wasn't for sure, so I decided to keep the things I've got right now for sure (the job at Barbie) and keep on going with my first plan (staying in Barcelona and learn swedish here), and wait a little bit more for another oportunity like that, because I know that maybe some of them would come back again. But leaving Barcelona without the job for sure wasn't the right thing, and there were some bureoucratics things that didn't like me. I think it's the most safe decission!
But again, thank you so much, you're so so sweet.

And finally, I would love to show you my last project:
As I'm so crazy about redheads, I'm starting this little project just for funn and have a good time. I would love if all of you checked it from time to time, because I'll be posting pictures of redhead people... and if YOU are a redhead, maybe you'll be featured on this blog... so keep an eye on it!!
By the moment, I'm working in a proper header and some buttons, but you'll know about this really soon... and if you know a redhead who should be mentioned on this blog, please, let me know about him/her! 
So that's all from know, thank you so much for your lovely advices (again)!! 


  1. Ay charuka, genial :)

    Me alegro que ya sepas que hacer ;) creo que es la mejor decisión!!

    Me gusta la idea del blog wiiii algunas pelirojas tengo en mi lista jojojojojo!


  2. I am glad...In the end things sort themselves out while we worry.
    Now something I want from you:
    1.-I would love you to have a look at my blog.
    2.- Follow it if you like it , even if I am not redhead or Swedish.

  3. Gracias por contactar, al fin. No sabes la alegría que me da, para mi eres una joya llena de sueños y proyectos. Me encantan tus vestidos y tu forma de ver la vida.
    Disfruta todo lo que tienes y gracias por follow.

  4. Glad things are going to work out.Sometimes you just have to sit back and let the Universe plot your course!
    Have you seen this blog?
    She's a hot Swedish by birth redhead!
    And of course,there's me!!!

  5. Esta diseñadora me recuerda un montón a Tokidoki.Qué ganas de pasarme por aquí. Lo que pasa que he llevado unos días muy tremendos. Espero que estés bien.

    B* a la Moda

  6. I adore your redhead project :) I am also a huge fan of red hair so I think that blog's going to be a really nice inspiration for that beautiful hair color.

    I have to say that I think you look really cute with the shorter bangs. It suits you so well!

  7. Me encantan estos dibujos! Eso sí, soy una "inculta" y no tenía ni idea de que se llamaba Charuca jaja pero sí los conocía y me chiflan!
    Y bueno, espero que las cosas con el trabajo se asienten y con el curro en la tienda Barbie todo vaya bien y te permita mudarte a Suecia pronto ;)

    1 beso

    P.D. Me encanta la idea de tu nuevo blog! De hecho te acabo de dejar un comentario allí también... ahora no voy a dar abasto para comentarte jeje

  8. So adorable!

    Don't worry, hun. The right time will come along, be patient:)

    And you made me wish so badly that I was a redhead!


  9. Me ha encantado tu nuevo blog, es super chulo! Ya me iré pasando ^^

  10. Charuca is a close friend of mine. Glad you love her work :). I love your blog and the way you write. You've won a new follower. I will add a link to your blog on mine so everybody can see your genius. Nice to meet you.


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