Friday, December 02, 2016

Lolitas around Amsterdam.

During October, the amazing Agnes was doing an internship here in Holland, and I had the amazing opportunity of meeting her in Amsterdam a couple of times. I must say that I've been following Agnes since long time ago when she was still called Pandasoppa and was wearing not only Lolita but Panda Poppare fashion and I even didn't relate her in those different styles (you can read about Panda Poppare here, here and here)!

The first day we met was when I was going with Thijs and Alberto to a Crystal Castles' concert, and we had a lot of fun looking for Halloween make up. Then our second time was the day she was leaving Holland; we had coffee together in one of my favourite places around Amsterdam, the Sluyswatch Cafe, walked around the city and visited some vintage stores like Retro & Chic, and later had again more coffee and a bite at lovely Bagels & Beans.

 Retro & Chic vintage shop

Me with a little DERP face

Yummy <3

I must say that I'm really looking forward to meeting more Lolitas in here; for the moment I've been busy and couldn't meet only Agnes and Lula Pyu, a Spanish Lolita from the south of the country, like me! 
On Sunday I'm going back to Spain for a week, so I can visit my family and spend there my birthday, but when I'm back I really should try to meet them all :)

PS: I've changed the banner and some little details here on the blog, you like it? 

Dress - ETC
Shirt - Pimkie (old)
Bag - Shirley Temple

Translation: Tuve la enorme suerte de conocer hace poco a una de mis Loli-idols, Agnes. Es super divertida y genial <3 ¡Espero conocer pronto a más Lolitas holandesas!


  1. Que genial Libe, se te ve lindo el ETC, hoy tienen mas tallas?? tengo muuuucho de no vestir loli,, como que me separé algo de ese estilo.
    Agnes es linda, la recuerdo, y que divina esa tienda *__*

  2. Ains se me olvidó, si me agrada el cambio, esa font se ve cool

  3. hnnnnff tus coords son super cool!! La vintage shop se ve super interesante, y la casita de las últimas fotos me encanta, igual que Amsterdam en general, disfruté mucho tus fotos <3 saludos! <3

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