Thursday, November 10, 2016

The future is happening now, so take action.

2016, go home, you're drunk. Or at least that's what I say every time that a mess happens this year. But the truth is that a scary right-wing political movement, followed with a wave of "macho thinking" and racism are taking over the entire world, and is making us feel back to the 19th century or even more to the medieval era.

I still want to believe that people is not that stupid. That still, at the end, there will be more persons who are open-minded and will understand the crazy about this situation. The truth is that the clock is tickling and we cannot stop it if we don't do it all together.

The result of the American elections is a sample of what is to come if we do not let go of this hatred and fear that the ones in power are trying to instill on us, brainwashing our heads. Is it really in the 21st century that we are going to let factors such as race or gender influence us when making decisions? Are we really going to keep fighting each other for a piece of land or obsolete resources when what is at stake is the entire planet Earth? The results in Spain weren't goo either: again, a corrupt political party is on the power thanks to lies and tricks. In December, Austria will probably give power to a right-wing group. Here in Holland it may happen too. 

Maybe I shouldn't worry about this, because I'm carrying a lot of problems on my back and this is only add more weight to it. Maybe I should be selfish. Maybe I should not talk about this and keep my opinions for myself. But well, at the end, you know that I'm not here to please you. 

The future is in our hands, and we need to take ACTION on it. Because it's happening, right now, in front of your eyes. 

Don't close them and fight back.  

Traducción: una corta reflexión sobre el resultado electoral en América o España, y el estado actual del planeta Tierra. Es ahora o nunca: debemos actuar.

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