Monday, November 14, 2016

90s nostalgia

One of the most powerful methods nowadays in marketing is the use of nostalgia as a way to engaged with people. Yo can see it not only on cinema or tv shows like Stranger Things or The Get Down, but also in fashion shops, toys or music.

The use of nostalgia is really affecting people of my generation and before, and early 90s kids. But, in a different way, is also affecting the Millennial generation. The so-called "Nostalgia Marketing"(tapping into positive cultural memories from previous decades, designed to drive energy to modern campaigns) is working so well because reliving positive memories and beloved icons from the past feels good. Fond memories make us smile, and that leaves us open to brand messaging, reaching us to an emotional level (the holy grail of brand marketing). Even for people who didn't live that era, like de Millennials, it moves something inside them.

For me, the problem of Nostalgia Marketing is that you sell an idea from the past that takes you back to your childhood... But what's left for the present? We can't live in the past forever, we must learn from it and not only take the good or bad, but reinvent it for the next generations. We're not old ladies talking about how good was living during the 80s or 90s (yet). And if we're doing that, we should stop it. The reason? You can't fight for your future is you only look to the past. Nostalgia is good and nice for a while, but we must remember that it comes from the past, and we must keep walking forward, without getting stuck in a time that seems better but is not our actual time.

I know I'm totally a 90s nostalgic person. When I look at it, I smile with the fashion, with the music, with the cinema or comic books. But the truth is that I would never go back there. I lived, I learned, and now, despite of the fashion that I normally wear... I wanna keep running towards the future.

Dress - Vintage
Jean jacket - Cache Cache
Socks - Asos
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Necklace - Madame Chocolat

Traducción: sobre el márketing de la nostalgia y como no debemos anclarnos en él (auqnue sea una gran estrategia).


  1. cute dress. love the docs with the white socks

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  3. yo soy muys notalgica jajaja, me gusta mucho tu chaqueta! :D


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