Friday, April 05, 2013

Things I like on a cloudy friday.

Kim Gordon for Slimane/Yves Saint Laurent

I'm feeling a little bit down these days. It's funny that when you're ok, everybody's around you; but when you're feeling bad and unhappy only a few people stay around you. 

To those who are now around me: thank you. No matters how far away you're from me; I can feel you beside me. 
And to those who aways think about me only in the good times: fuck you. I will never be the shoulder to cry your sorrows.

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  1. Te entiendo Libe, aunque yo nunca he estado rodeada de gente ni he tenido muchos amigos, llevo una temporada muy chunga, y me siento super sola...
    Espero pase todo pronto y estes mejor, y a todos los interesados, que les den!!

    Besitus! <3


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