Monday, July 18, 2011

The Brandery Barcelona: days of fashion and music.

As you all may know by now, last week was The Spring-Summer Brandey Edition, and of course I was there with Laia, Carlos and Laia Chic for seeing the new trends at Barcelona.

Some of the news about this edition are the big collaboration that The Brandery made with music this year. There was some music events during the three days: some benefit concerts organized with an Mozambique NGOs or the performances of artists such as Ladytron, Nouvelle Vague or Carlos Jean. 

This is where the benefit concerts were held, built with 25 km of rope, making some kind of dome. The event was organized too with the collaboration of Yo Donna Magazine. Amazing. 

 The stad of Flamenco Chic was really cute, one of my favourites, so colorful, happy, fun and with pretty clothes! It reminds me a little bit to a cute grandmother's house full of old and lovely things! 

 Everyone is different, there lies our beauty. No one represents us.

At Salvador Bachiller's stand was a small contest where you could participate leaving a sentence written on a board. This was my sentence, with special reference to Acampada Barcelona.
Yes, we're still fighting here :)

 Lacroix collection for Desigual
 DIM new collection... the orange panties are gorgeous!
 A Gin I had waitin for Superdry's fashion show.
 Coolway's stand, full of pretty shoes!
 I totally fell in love wuth those pink sandals! And the polka dots!

One fo the coolest things of the first day was Superdry's fashion show. you see, maybe is not the type of brand I would use... but they definitly made a awesome show, full of music and dance (Brodas Bros, a hip hop band, were the main models and they danced, made beat box...). In one word: AMAZING.

Seriously, GREAT!!

We also had that day a Bloggers Meeting here at The Brandery, but I couldn't stay too long 'cause the WGSN conference was starting early, so I leave very soon. But I could meet Alba Montero, one of the organizers of The Brandery. Thanks to her I could enter into the Yo Donna BSO space... so thanks again, Alba!
 Ramiro E. taking some pictures.

Dress - Blanco
Shoes - Tao Bao
Socks - Topshop
Bag - Swimmer

 Yes, I was wearing my badge from Acampadabcn.

So this was the first day of The Brandery Barcelona... more to come, of course!


  1. Me encanta tu rollo, el momento Ladytron, lo massss

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Your bag is so cute!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. Encantada de conocerte!


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