Friday, January 24, 2020

Comfortable with myself.

Hey there, stranger.

The weekend is about to start and I'm happy because a good friend of mine is visiting us for a few days in Alkmaar. I have to work too, but we managed to do some nice things together already. 

These photos are from last weekend when we were about to go visiting Thijs' family. The light was lovely and honestly, it was not cold at all. Of course, I was wearing a coat, but I was not cold while shooting the photos. This week temperatures here in the Netherlands are a little bit lower, so doing this would be more difficult. It was a very comfy outfit, even with the puffy petticoat. For me, I feel that Lolita and Otome fashion are the styles I'm more comfortable with, I like how I look when wearing it and I feel more myself. I wear these clothes feeling lots of love for them and it's a way of expressing who I am. 

Needless is to say that, as a lot of my fellow lolita friends I've received lots of critics (most of them unwanted) about the way I look but, you know what? Fuck them. Fuck them with their narrow minds and sad ways of thinking. If you don't like this or any other type of fashion/person, just don't look at them, ignore them. You don't need to make those people feel bad about the way they look just because you don't like their hair colour, makeup or clothes. 

If you're reading this and someone sometimes said something nasty to you because of the way you looked, just repeat out loud with me: Fuck You, assholes

Because always remember: we're not here to please anyone, and probably we're all gonna get critics about how we look no matter what we do... So maybe just keep doing it.

T-shirt - customized
Skirt - Metamorphose
Socks - Emily Temple Cute
Shoes - Doc Martens
Beret - Offbrand


  1. I agree - f*ck those people! Ignoring someone or something you don't agree with that does you (or anyone else) no harm costs nothing. But being that judgemental prick who just *has to* share their opinions says way more about them than about the person they're commenting on. You look great, lolita and otome clothes make you happy, and I would much rather support that and spread that mentality to others who may struggle with confidently expressing themselves than going round and making other people miserable. At the end of the day, lolitas like us will forget another douchebag who makes a mean comment - but they will probably never forget "that weirdly dressed person" they just had to comment on. And in my books, that is a win.

    1. I totally agree! We shouldn't let the muggles upset us, and everyone should wear wharever they feel like it! Fuck predujices!!


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