Monday, June 25, 2012

Write this Down - Maxïmo Park

Last week Pili came from Zaragoza just for one day, but I met her with Carol, Alba and Veronica just for a fun afternoon.
Despite the stifling hot it was that day, we took her to Pudding, and she loved it! As we're prepairing a wonderful Lolita Tea Party for the next 7 of July, we thought that maybe on autumn we can do another one here... by the way, I took pictures at one of the rooms that I hadn't shown yo...

This part is so totally like a Parisian cafe, so romantic and perfect for warm days!

Yo can see here the circus roof over me, isn't it magic? 

Oh, I also had been a little bit creative during the past week (and I still feel that, it's so good!). I found some cute fake flowers and baclberries, and did some handcrafts ith them... here you can see a little pin for the hair!

 Hearts dress - Shana
Sandals - Forever21
Necklace - Cache Cache
Hairpin -  Handmade

A simple but cute outfit for a very hot day! 


  1. the interior looks so cute and i loe your dress!

  2. Que monada de todo!! El café tiene una pinta chulísima!! <3

  3. yo casi compro el mismo vestidito, es precioso!

  4. You look cute! & i think I'm in love with that restaurant .... just wow. Looks so cosy!


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